12X18 Architectural Ring Binder 1 inch Three (3)

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High quality hand cased, woven cloth  hand turned over premium binders board. For 12 x 18 Architectual Drawing. Nickel plated steel three (3) ring mechanism is securely attached to inside Back cover with USA hardened Steel rivets.  Hand made in St.Louis MO  by artisians.

Museum grade archival Black woven book cloth; glue turned over thick stiff  binders board using hot glue from Potdevin automatic. These 12x18 ring binders are built in St Louis, MO by artisians. Hard Cover 3 ring binder.

Crane Binder also supplies  12 x18 paper filler stock  that is  predrilled  with correct spacing  and hole diameter holes. It is not quite as simple as it appears. Kinkos and Staples can ruin a print job in a flash. Use Crane's predrilled paper. The holes are FREE.

Another important accessory that is so rare in availibility is our heavy duty Clear vinyl Sheet protectors for 12x18 engineeering drawings. Import the high grade resin from Austria. It is  8 gage thick smooth calendared

Nickel plated steel 3 ring mechanism  is non booster ( no triggers ) attached to inside Back cover with USA hardened Steel rivets [No China] ring is generally an Angle D or a round ring non booter trigger style.

 P N  CB1218TE -1.0

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