17x11 Poly Ring Binder 5 Ring Engineering Binder 1.5 Inch

17 x 11 5 ring binder
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  • Item #: CB1711P1-5(5)
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Price $69.99

17x11 Ring binder, 5 Rings , Poly case is double thick, Binding is on the long 17 inch side of sheet. Not your Teacher's Notebook. Blue poly 5 ring binder.  A long slender  clear vinyl plastic labelholder is available but must be specified.

Nickel plated 1.5 inch capacity 5 ring  RPHB metals are handcrafted in St louis, Mo by US Ring artizans.

50 sheet 5 ring/hole Filler sheets are include with each binder.

Clear vinyl sheet protectors are available. They eliminate the need for punching document holes .