2 Ring binder index card 3x5 Recipe hard cover

index card ring binder with 2 metal rings covered in premium cloth. 3 x 5 index cards.
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Book cloth hardcover turned edge 3x5 index card 2 ring binder. Index cards are punched on the 5 inch side. Organize your life, keep on track.  Make notation on 3 x 5 index card while reading, writing or giving reports. This is managing free from the PC. 2 ring binder. A home for your thoughts. Index card holder, popular for organizing ideas or recipes. 2 ring clip is nickel plated. Slate Grey Linen arrestox book cloth. 40 3x5 cards are included with each index card ring binder and pre-punched refills available. 

Index card sleeves, clear vinyl  page protectors now available. Index card holder slate grey linen recipe bookbinder. Index card protector. 


Custom printed index card binders are available in poly and paperboard.  Phone Crane Binder Technologies for details at 800.298.5555. Bulk purchase bindersd request discount.

Small 2 ring binder stores in briefcase, desk drawer or console. JOT down the important things in life. Index card ring binder can be a home for your thoughts. Use as an index card planner,  personal skill improvement, writer's keyword development. Recipes, develop small index card notes into The Big Plan.

Index Card Notebook, Index Card Binder, Recipe Card index, with Ruled Index Card. Hardcover bookbinder.

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Index Card developed by a botantist in mid 1700s. Carolus  Linneaus was becoming overwhelmed with new plant information streaming in from far away countires.

Ships were being dispatched  around the globe on Botaninical missions. He used small "slips of paper"  that became  3 x 5 Index card systems.

Carolus Linnaeus became known as the Father of Taximomy.  2 ring binder index card  manufactured in St Louis, MO.

Index card binder popular for recipe card index, students pack 2 ring index bnder in heir backpacks. Index card holder may be simple clear vinyl envelope.

Many see small 2 ring binder as valuabel tool for creation of new content.

Special mission index card holder may be manufactured from aluminum and other high end materials.

NEW NEW  introducing TESLA White Seat binders same Covering as MODEL 3

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