Aluminum Binder Letter size , Influenza Planning H1N1, H3N2 Flu

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Aluminum H1N1 laser engraved 1" capacity 3 ring binder. Hard anodized finish for increased wear resistance and high tech presentation to capture and focus your audiences attention on a very important plan. Hospital pandemic influenza planning .contingency flu planning in 3 Ring Aluminum Binders for prevention, successful treatment H1N1. Excellent for Flu Planning in high levels of government, CDC, WHO. Standard US spec 3 ring with dual boosters and 175 page capacity. each H1N1  Laser engraved aluminum ring binders, FLU.


Retail List price is   85.00  .. sold at discount  48.53 each. NOW final price reduction  to  25.50   - Collectors item   ... You survived the 2009 FLU PANDEMIC

Order Hospital grade Aluminum Binder  keep health notes family members hospitalized.  You save 59.50 on each binder 


MORE  FLU.....


2017-2018 Flu season was brutual leading to an estimated 80,000 deaths and 900,000 hospitalizations according to CDC report. H3N2 Flu killed more Americans than in last 40 years.

There were so many FLU victims, California Hospitals set up surge Tents in their parking lots. Loma Linda Hospital declared a state of emergency. H3N2  tends to be a nastier Flu with more health complications.


More LUNG DISEASE,  purchase aluminum ring binder compile a notebook with health advise you have  researched.

Persons over 50 years of age who have underlying medical issues such as type 2 diabetes ARE NOT BEING WARNED sufficiently to avoid  FACILITIES that may harbor Legionnela Pneumoniphila. Legionnela is especiallty virulent. Perhaps you should avoid old healthcare facilities. 

Flu epidemics are not going away, H3N2 variants  are an increasing  problem. CDC still worries tha 1918 Swine Flu may recur.  Purchaser the aluminum ring binder take notes don't panic.