Bird Watching Birding Field Notebook Binder, 3-Ring

3 ring birding binder three cloth turned edge
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  • Item #: 118515BRB
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Price $21.99


  • Birding Field Binder
  • Hand Made in USA
  • 3 Round Ring Binder
  • 1" Capacity
  • Gold Foil Stamped "Birding"
  • Grey Cloth Turned Edge

Durable grey bookcloth is hand turned over premium binder board. Lengendary woven arresstox is acrylic coated to resist scuffing. Handsome binder for field binder or coffee table display.  Letter size 11x8.5,1 inch paper capacity. 



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Birdwatching is social fun become an expert in your local area. Learn about different birds their natural history seasonal movements become skilled after migratory birds know their arrival. What are the rare birds in you locale?


Keep a written record of your observations. Bird journal, bird log sheet, bird paintings, bird tourism.


Avitourism bird tourism is fastest growing type of environmental tourism or ecotourism.