Bird Watching Birding Field Notebook Binder, 3-Ring

3 ring birding binder three cloth turned edge
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  • Birding Field Binder
  • Hand made Hard Cover
  • 3 Ring binder Birding

 Durable bookcloth is hardcover turned edge over premium boards. Lengendary woven  arresstox is acrylic coated to resist scuffing. Handsome  binder covers for field binder or coffee table display.  Letter size 11x8.5 documents, 1.5 inch capacity, 2" spine. This 3 ring binder fitted for sheet protectors that will NOT stick out!

Engineered for birders. Nickel plated 3 rings


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Human race must conserve life on planet earth. Stand up for Birds

Birdwatching is social fun become an expert in your local area. Learn about different birds their natural history seasonal movements become skilled after migratory birds know their arrival. What are the rare birds in you locale?

Be selecttive about bird seed you purchse. Don't go too cheap. Birds avoid most "filler seeds" which then rot. Put out small amounts of quality seed at a regular time each day.


google  uncover amazing quantity of bird information. Read current news about birdwatching.

Use local library read bird watching journal, ask about loose leaf bird journals.

 Purchase the Crane  birding notebook  develop a  birder diary or field note book 3 ring.

wiki birding journals  see ""  enjoy birds.


California Condors protected since 1982 . Nest on fire eggs and chick have survived. Summer of 2018 chick #871  fledged during the fire. Was observed to have slsightly tattered feathers. Otherwise in good health. Can you imagine big baby bird had never left the nest; it s a baby condor! Flys away first time from burning nest! God help us help the birds.


Keep a written record of your observations. Bird journal, bird log sheet, bird paintings, bird tourism.


Avitourism  - yes I know.  bird tourism is fastest growing type of environmental tourism or ecotourism.