Classic Swing Hinge SHP™ 11x17 3 Inch Turned Edge

SHP swing hinge 11 x 17 turned edge ring binder navy
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  • Item #: CSHP1117-3
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Long held as the STANDARD for manuals to protect Mission Critical Documents. This retro SHP™ Advanced Hybrid ring binder is manufactured with premium materials not available in original. Hand made in the USA by expert binder manufacture Crane Binder Technologies in St. Louis, MO.

Professional recessed label holder is accessed only from inside cover for higher security and sharp distinctive styling. Clone to the original McBee swing hinge but with advanced construction and materials. 

SHP™ is the only binder brave enough to use the word performance as part of its name. Never ever jams as you rapidly turn pages. You can update - remove any single documentswithout disassembling the binder. Operating instructions printed inside front cover since it is sufficiently different from a typical 3 ring notebook. 

The swing hinge binder loves to be filled to the max capability, as the prongs act as a compression on the paper, further securing them. This compression will allow you to get 3 inches plus of paper.

Made from the highest grade book cloth in the industry, library grade buckram. We stock black and navy but other colors are available for custom order. This material can only be hand turned by professional binder makers.

Recessed label holder or aka original windows style recessed is generous size of 3 inch x 2.5 inch and located 2 inches down from top of spine. Clear pockets and business card holders for the inside front and back cover are optional. Fly-leafs are optional. Please call to request these items at 800-298-5555.

  • Library Grade Buckram in Black or Navy
  • 20+ Service Years
  • Advanced Hybrid Swing Hinge SHP™
  • The O&M Standard
  • Hand Made in the USA
  • Recessed Label Holder
  • 11 x 17 Engieering Size
  • 3 Inch + Paper Capacity
  • Standard US 3 Hole Center-to-Centers

See our Video on how to use the Advanced Hybrid Swing Hinge SHP™