Easel Binder,Display Easel, 3 ring binder, landscape binder, presentation binder

Alumin Easel Bdr, Ltr, incl 10 SP, 1 Inch 3 Ring Landscape Easel

Alumin Easel Bdr, Ltr, incl 10 SP, 1 Inch 3 Ring Landscape Easel

Aluminum easel ring binder, landscape style, letter size flips on 11" documents side (long). 1 Inch capacity 3 ring - includes 10 clear sheet protectors. Perfect your presentation . Metal binder

Aluminum Easel Bdr incld 10 SP,LTR, PORT 1 Inch Metal Binder

easel ring binder aluminum 1 inch

Portrait aluminum easel binders.  Hinges on the 8-1/2" side. 10 sheet protectors included.

Metal ring binder anondized aluminum.


Surface easel Binder, Book Style, pages turn vertical right to left, Bottom of cover folds back and out thus named Kickstand. Black Aresstox B archival grade book cloth. Favorite for Family recipes, 3 ring 1 inch EBKS1185-1 


Winglock easel binder, 11x8.5  SS, 3 ring presentation binder, documents turn on the long side, Landscape style BLACK cloth turned edge , A Frame Tent model. 1.5 inch rings spine is 2.25 inch. LIST 83.40 Discounted to 44.50 ea click [add to cart]

BARRISTER Easel Binder 14 x 8.5 Landscape Binder

Easel Binder Hard Cover Barrister 14x8.5 legal size, 1 inch, Landscape Tent style , 4 ring nickel plated ring List 138.80 discounted. Black or Navy buckram turned edge superior casing, display easel binder

CANYON Easel Binder 17x11 Landscape binder 1.5 inch,5 Ring

Easel binder Canyon Binder 17x11 Size 1.5 Inch, larger capacity 5 ring, List 179.80 discounted Display easel Binder, 5 ring larger nickel plated rings, includes 10 Clear sheet protectors, 5 hole punched paper is available for purchase


presentation binder easel binders black view binder white clear view binders

Easel Binder VIEW presentation binder easel, letter size, 1.5 ring capacity. Vinyl 3 ring binder Black or White, View pockets . St Genevieve Landscape binder not a break back easel binder.


Easel Binder 14 x 11 size Landscape, 1 Inch, 4 Ring

Easel Binder 14 x 11 size Hard Cover Grey woven cloth, 4 ring Tent Style, 1 Inch capacity

List is 155.10   discounted

Easel Binder Portrait larger 1.5 inch, flip chart Tent 3 ring

Easel binder, portrait style, presentation easel binder, larger size 1.5 inch, Tent flip chart type

3 ring easel binder.

Easel Binder, Portrait Tabletop Display View flipchart 1 inch

Easel Binder, Tabletop Display, Portrait or vertical format; pages turn on the 8.5 side, flipchart over  top, 1 inch capacity White or black vinyl easel binder.   8.5 x 11 documents. 

Small Binder Easel Binder Half Page

Small  Binder Easel Binder Half Page

Small Half page Easel Binder, Landacape, flips on 8.5 binding side - White, Blue vinyl , may have VIEW pocket on front. Small 3 ring binder 8.5x5.5 inch sheet size is half page size binder. Tent style , A Frame easel type. Nickel plated 3 ring.

Easel Binder Tabletop Display 1 Inch Presentation Landscape

presentation binder easel binders black view binder white clear view binders

  Ste. Genevieve. View presentation easel binder 1 inch 

Landscape easel binder. Tabletop display easel binder.