Framed View Hybrid SHP 2 Inch vinyl 3 ring binder

Framed View Hybrid SHP 2 Inch vinyl 3 ring binder
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Framed view ring binders have become so ubiquitous that some end users want to escape the common generic white view binder. Elevate your book by using Crane Binder Technologies FRAMED VIEW BINDERS. Frame view clear vinyl insert  pockets on exterior. Open at top for your printed inserts. 11 x 8.5 sheet size. 2 paper capacity for 3 hole documents with 9/32 holes. Long held as the STANDARD for manuals to protect "mission critical documents" this retro SHP advanced hybrid VIEW ring binder is manufactured with high grade vinyl film electronically welded over stiff board. No interior correspondence pockets. SHP tm is the only binder brave enough to use the word Performance as part of its name. Never jams as you rapidly turn the document pages. You can update / remove any single document WITHOUT disassembling the binder. Operating instructions printed inside front cover since it is sufficiently different from a typical 3 ring notebook. On line video (SHP Binder at gives added binder operating tips. Vinyl 3 ring view advanced hybrid binder.