Landscape 3 ring binder woven cloth 1 inch binds short side

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Landscape 3 Ring binder,  8.5 x 11 Document, binds on short side,

Hand made woven Black cloth glue wrapped over stiff graphic grade binder's boards.

Business applications logbook for Resort, Campground, Casino,restaurant reservations.

Sheet music binder. Lesson Plans


Architects, designers, Space planners and landscape architects come to Crane Binder Technologies for landscape ring binder solutions. 800 298  5555.


Expect 20 years daily service. Prime Premium. OVERBUILT. Hand made small batches. St Louis, MO.

Three ring  binder. make your own forms. Adjust office 3 hole paper punch. 

2.75, 2.75. 5.5 " outside centers. Punch three holes short side of 8.5 x11 paper


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p.n. TE8511-1


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