Magnetic Dry Erase Board, Magnetic White Board

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Dry Erase Boards

These unique boards serve as modern chalkboards.  Preference for dry erase boards is linked to two reasons:  (1) Cleanliness, you don't have to put up with chalk dust and (2) Readablility.  They are also known as whiteboards or markerboards.  What makes them so special is that you can write on them with dry erase pen or marker, and then erase the ink.  It's as if the ink were never there!

How Dry Erase Works

It's all in the coating.  The markerboard coating changes the way the ink reacts to a surface.  For instance, if you were using paper, the ink would adhere or soak in leaving a permanent mark.  The top coating makes the markerboard's surface tightly linked; less likely to soak up the ink.  Once the ink is dry it can stay on the dry erase board until you are ready to remove it.  Since it hasn't soaked into the whiteboard surface you can wipe or brush it away.  This allows the dry erase surface to be reused.

A major concern with dry erase boards is ghosting.  This happens when some of the ink adheres or soaks into the surface of the whiteboard.  When you erase what was written sometimes you will see a faint image.  Much depends on the quality and type of whiteboard coatings.  No markerboard coating method is perfect, and there are other techniques that can be used to remove the ink from the whiteboard.  One commonly used way is by using an approved dry erase board cleaning spray.  This can be used to eliminate the ghosting effect.

Crane Binder's Magnetic Dry Erase Board

Crane Binder's Magnetic Dry Erase Board PBF-5, measures 24 inches high x 36 inches wide, or 2 feet high x 3 feet wide.  Premium deluxe-premium material.  Lifetime guarantee on porcelain surface.  Write on/wipe off surface.  Hanging hardware included.  Magnetic porcelain steel whiteboard.

Crane Binder's Magnetic Dry Erase Board's top layer is ceramic coated steel.  Double duty, our board serves as a dry erase planning board and a magnetic information board.  The magnetic feature is handy for enhancing your dry erase board or presentation.  Tray and mounting hardware are included.  Won't stain or ghost.  Good for emergency planning, humanitarian support, communication, schools, hospitals, early childhood education, hospitality, government and educational markets.

Magnetic dry erase boards figured prominently in recovery efforts at the Fukushima Nuclear Powerplant accident.  Total electrical failure!   Car batteries were salvaged from tsunami wrecked autos, jumper cables tied them to the control room's Bus board.  They used magnetic dry erase whiteboards to "LOG" spiking temperatures and radiation increases.  The "Fukushima 50's" heroic efforts saved the day!

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