BE ICONIC - Paradigm Shift - Clipboard with rings.

NO CLIPS. Binder with no cover. Crane's new ringboard. A 3 ring hardboard writing surface with rounded corners and beveled edges. PLUS + sizes smooth wooden writing surfaces that is light and rigid.

Optional clear hard plastic protective cover is punched to fit rings.

11x17, 11x8.5, 8.5x11 (short size binding), and 14x8.5 ringboard sizes.

11 x 17 Clipboard with Rings (Allegro) Ringboard

11x17 sized ringboard replace the clipboard.

Allegro Ringboard. Better security than a clipboard for your 11x17 documents.

11x17 Ringboard Clipboard Angle D 3 Ring 2 Clips

11x17 clipboard 3 ring Ringboard

Engineering 11x17 ringboard 

2 Ring Clipboard White 1 inch

2 Ring Ringboard,White dry erase, 1 inch


8.5 x 5.5 Half Page Ringboard Straight D 1 Inch Cover and 5 SP

Half page ringboard is a clipboard without the clip and instead a 3 ring straight D metal.

Half page ringboard is new inovation that replaces the clip with a straight D 3 ring for display of a menu, receipe, presentation, sign-in sheets or anywhere a smaller foot print is needed vs letter size. With an overall size of 9-1/2" x 8 7/16"...

Arch Clipboard, Wood 2 ring

2 Ring Clipboard Arch Ring 2.75 c-c 2 inch 2" capacity hanging hole legal 9x14 wood ringboard 9x15 clip board ring board crane binder

2 Ring Arch Clip Board

GHIBLI Ring Board hardboard clipboard

Legal clipboard 9x15 2 ring board hanging ringboard Crane Binder

The Ghibli Ring Board a Crane Binder Technologies exclusive. 15" x 9" overall ring board size 1.5" straight D 2 ring 1" metal ring pull finger hole 3.11 mm thickness List $22.75 ea Discounted $15.95 ea

White Clipboard / Ringboard 3 Ring Magnetic

White Ring Board, 12 x 9

3 rings Short Side

White Ringboard Clipboard / Ring board 2 Ring

White Ringboard -2 Rings

Clipboard with Rings


White Ringboard Clipboard / Ring Board 3 Ring Magnetic

White Ring Board

  Magnetic Strip 

RINGBOARD 11 x 8.5 Ringboard (Courier) 3 Ring Clipboard

Ringboard is a clipboard with a 3 round rings instead of a clip. Brown hardboard.

Courier Ringboard. Letter size 11 x 8.5. 

14 x 8-1/2 Ringboard (Ghibli) Legal Size 3 Ring Clipboard

legal sized ringboard replace the clipboard.

Ghibli Ringboard. Legal size documents 8.5 x 14. 

 We can customize the board or rainguard in house via screen print or hot foil stamping. Email for a quick quote.