Turned Edge 7-Ring Business Check Binder, 3 checks per page

7 ring check binder 3-on-a-page checks. 7 ring business check binder.
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  • Item #: CHK7RBLK
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Price $26.80

Check binder for 3-on-a-page checks. 7 ring business check binders in black heavy cloth turned edge over stiff board. Nickel plated 7 rings riveted to back cover. Designed exclusively for 3-on-a-page checks.  Crafted in the USA premium materials  feel the durability an  exceptional desk check binder.  


Business check binder has a 1 Inc check capacity.  Overall size is 10.5 H x 14.5  W x 1.5  7 D Rings. Check Book Binder